Clearcode Launches an R&D Lab. Q&A with Clearcode’s CEO, COO, and Head of Engineering


Marcelina Szostak-Kustra

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Clearcode recently announced the launch of its R&D Lab to further help companies build innovative advertising and marketing technologies, and solve the many technical challenges facing the industries.

To get some insights into the decision around creating the R&D Lab, what the R&D Lab will do, and how it can help companies wanting to design and build AdTech & MarTech platforms, we asked Clearcode’s CEO, COO, and Head of Engineering a few questions.

Why did we create the R&D Lab and how did the decision to create it come about?

PB: Although R&D has always been a core part of our company, the time came to centralize these activities to provide more value to our clients and maintain consistent knowledge sharing within our company.

TC: R&D at Clearcode has been done on a team and project level, which worked well for us, but we felt that we could achieve a lot more if we created a dedicated team that would focus solely on R&D for multiple projects.

GŁ: The idea to create an R&D Lab had been on the cards for a while, but the growing challenges in AdTech (e.g. the end of third-party cookies) motivated us to speed up the process.

Who is part of the R&D Lab currently and what experience and skills do they bring to the R&D Lab?

PB: Our R&D Lab includes some of Clearcode’s most experienced and knowledgeable software architects, engineers, and managers. 

TC: They’ve been at our company for a long time and have a lot of experience and knowledge of AdTech development, but also cloud-computing services (e.g. AWS). 

GŁ: The R&D Lab members have a real talent and specific attitude to solving different problems, testing them, and applying them to our clients’ projects.

What will the R&D Lab be responsible for?

PB: The R&D Lab will have a range of responsibilities, but the main ones will be assisting with new projects and sharing knowledge with the other development teams in Clearcode. 

TC: They’ll also cooperate with our partners to tackle complex tasks and in the future contribute to industry organizations to help develop new standards for the digital advertising and marketing industries.

GŁ: A big part of the R&D Lab will also be to help our clients improve their existing tech (e.g. by improving performance) and build innovative AdTech and MarTech platforms.

How can Clearcode’s clients benefit from the R&B Lab?

PB: One of the main reasons why clients partner with us is because of our domain knowledge, experience, and skills in designing and building AdTech and MarTech platforms, and this will only continue to be strengthened with our R&D Lab.

TC: Being a development partner to our clients, we focus on building tech that meets their business and technical requirements, but the R&D Lab will also propose solutions and approaches that will deliver more value to our clients’ businesses.

GŁ: The R&D Lab will take a proactive approach to solving industry challenges and work on identifying, researching, and providing solutions to problems that our clients might not even be aware of. 


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