Adventures in QA Land – eBook by Mateusz Stachurzewski [PL]


Mateusz Stachurzewski

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It is difficult to indicate a starting point of the testing industry. Let’s assume that from the moment when programs started to be created, the first attempts to test and verify them can be described as the beginning of testing. Regardless of whether that was done by a tester or a developer, it was definitely many decades ago.

It’s safe to say that the software development process and the programs we build today are completely different than the ones in the very beginning. Moreover, every 5 to 10 years there are more and more changes that influence what applications we create and how we create them. This is why programming and quality assurance change as well. 

For many people, the idea of quality assurance dates back a few years or even a few decades. This makes it difficult to understand this area for both QA beginners and people who directly cooperate with QAs, such as programmers or managers. That is the reason why I decided to share my knowledge and insights about quality assurance and update the perception of a QA person among the people I cooperate with on a daily basis.

Every customer, project, team and final product we create will be different. Therefore, in my ebook, I try to emphasize the essence of a tailor-made quality assurance process and provide information that lets you not only reproduce my steps, but understand and adjust quality assurance practices to your project.

Happy reading! 
Mateusz Stachurzewski


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